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11/11/2009 21:03

Letter to Secretary,

Thanks for u r Mail. How are you? Hope that u r well. Convey my regards to all of our friends. Hereby I informed to you I relived from the District Forest Office, Namakkal Forest Division, on 31.10.2009 due to some office staffs Torcher. Two staffs made a petition against me to the CM cell regarding, I am requested as a permanent job in forest department. But I am not send any petition to CM cell. It is very disappointment to me. So decently I have explained all the matters to the District Forest Officer and relived from there. So I request you to kindly inform to this matter to all of our friends.

This is for kind information.
B Venkatesh 

Note : Now I am working as Project Manager, in IT field. And also I am requesting to all of our friends, please touch with me always. This is my kind request for all. Thanks